COSCO – Key Benefits

supply chain

We optimize your full supply chain by using COSCO’s own rail, air and road transport services in combination with marine shipments, using the same Bill of Lading. Our cost structure is transparent and clear, we do not hide additional charges to display lower ocean shipping rate.

Awarded for
service stability

95% of shipments are delivered on time and the rest 5% of cargoes may be delivered within 7 days from the ETA. In most of the world’s shipping lines, the delivery may be delayed even by 90 days. COSCO’s timetable is the most stable in the world.

shipping line

Cosco Shipping is the fastest shipping line between Far East and Europe. 94% of transshipmens are done within 14 days worldwide. 96% of transshipments imported to Far East are transferred within 14 days, 81% are done within 7 days. 99.95% of draft BLs are prepared within 8 working hours worldwide.

Get fast & efficient shipments
to any final destination, by any mode of transport

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