Arctic Passage via Northern Sea – faster transit and less emissions

COSCO Shipping Specialized Carriers (CSSC) was the first shipping line on the world offering the Sustainable Arctic Shipping Service via Northeast Passage.

Route objectives:

  • Serving Polar Silk Road and International trade between Europe/Northeast America and Asia smoothly and quickly
  • Green Environmental Protection when sailing

Serving customers from:

China, Japan Korea, Russia, Europe including Iceland, Greenland, Northeast part of USA, East part of Canada.

Accepting following cargo:

  • General Cargo, Oversize & Overweight cargo of equipment, Machinery, Heavy lift cargo.
  • Pulp & Paper, Logs & Sawn Timber.
  • Bulk cargo with volume less than 35K per lot.
  • SOC Containers including RF Containers.

Ask for more information about entering Russia through Dudinka and Murmansk ports!